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Branch & Bone Artisan Ales - Big Beer Bacchanal - 2/25/2023, noon - 11 p.m.
Big Beer Bacchanal Is Back

With 422 operating craft breweries in the state – and just over 75% of them members of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association – we do our best in our news coverage not to write about the same annual events year after year. That being said, 2023 is an odd-numbered year, which means we get to write about the Big Beer Bacchanal at Branch & Bone Artisan Ales.

As we prepare to round the corner from winter to spring, the traditional season for drinking rich, malty beers is coming to an end.* Before draft lists are overrun by crisp lawnmower lagers, tart fruited sours and other lighter fare, Branch & Bone will hold their annual celebration of the heaviest, darkest and strongest beers in their repertoire.

Stop by the Branch & Bone taproom in Dayton this Saturday, Feb. 25 from noon – 11 p.m. for a curated selection of vintage and limited edition stouts, barleywines and strong ales. That includes this year’s bottle release of Elder Beast, the highly anticipated blended imperial stout, available in limited supply starting this Saturday afternoon.

Find out more about this weekend’s event at branchandboneales.com


*Don’t let a marketing calendar rule your life. Drink whatever beer style makes you happiest regardless of season.

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