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The Brewers Freedom Alliance is a coalition of organizations, businesses and beer lovers who want to modernize Ohio’s outdated alcohol laws. Our goal is to educate Ohioans and facilitate change that will support independent Ohio brewers and their local small businesses. It is past time for Ohio’s laws to reflect the reality of the craft brewing industry and we are driven to ensure Ohio is a fair and prosperous place to do business for everyone.

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Ohio craft brewers are stuck operating under an antiquated, unfair franchise law that prevents the industry from growing to its full potential. Brewers in 2023 are forced to operate under a law written in 1974, before the advent of craft breweries. Common sense, reasonable reforms to Ohio’s franchise law will benefit brewers, customers and wholesalers. Modernizing our industry means more jobs, investment and community growth for Ohio.


Ohio brewers have been forced to live and work under antiquated laws that haven’t been updated in nearly 50 years. These laws established permanent, unbreakable contracts between breweries and wholesalers. The current law, written in 1974, gives wholesalers (the businesses that deliver Ohio craft beers to market) ultimate power in their relationships with brewers. Franchise law deprives brewers of the freedom to seek solutions when their small business needs are not met by the wholesaler.


The Brewers Freedom Alliance is fighting for the hundreds of craft brewers that call Ohio home and do business in this state. We support an update to Ohio’s franchise law that will reflect the current reality of the craft brewing industry. We need updated legislation that will promote economic growth and support small businesses in our state. This will also ensure consumers are being offered a wide variety of the freshest and best quality products.


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