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CLAG Brewing's nine cans and bottles available for sale at this weekend's three year anniversary
Photo courtesy CLAG Brewing
CLAG Celebrates Three Years

Cheers to three years of beers from CLAG Brewing Company! In their standard practice of excess, this weekend’s celebration is headlined by not one, not two, not three – oh, let’s dispense with the suspense, shall we? – but nine can and bottle releases!

Obviously there’s a lot to of beer to cover here, but the pair of collaboration brews CLAG is offering this Saturday grabbed our attention. The brewery previously teamed up with Perennial Artisan Ales on Vietnamese Abraxas, a take on the St. Louis brewery’s popular ancho chile imperial stout with an addition of Saigon cinnamon and Vietnamese coffee. For this weekend’s festivities, CLAG will release bottles of a barrel aged version clocking in at 13.4% ABV.

Hoof Hearted Brewing made the trip up from Marengo to Sandusky to brew a couple of collaboration beers, including Summer Snow double IPA, which will be available in cans. The second beer, details of which have yet to be announced, will likely be included on the draft list for this weekend’s event. And if we know anything at all about CLAG’s modus operandi, that’s going to be over-the-top as well.

Bottles and cans go on sale at the brewery in Sandusky at 10 a.m. this Saturday, August 12 with the party in the taproom starting at noon. See the full list of packaged beers and keep an eye out for the draft list announcement at facebook.com/clagbrewing

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