OCBA Member Code of Conduct


  1. The mission of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association (OCBA) is to promote, preserve and unify Ohio’s craft brewing industry. To effectively advance that mission, OCBA members and their representatives must set an example by acting with honesty and integrity, conducting themselves professionally and embracing everyone.
  2. OCBA accordingly requires that all members conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to this Code may result in suspension or removal from membership or other disciplinary action. OCBA bylaws allow for disciplinary action to be taken against a member who exhibits a failure to conduct itself in an ethical or legal manner, including but not limited to acts of moral turpitude, fraud, embezzlement, dishonesty, sexual harassment or other willful acts that reflect negatively on the Association or significantly impede the Association’s Mission, Vision or Core Values.
  3. When this Code discusses obligations of members, it also imposes those obligations on the individual officers, directors, partners, employees and other representatives of a member company. This Code also applies to the conduct of individuals serving on OCBA committees and subcommittees who are not associated with a member company.

Compliance with Law

  1. Brewing and the sale of beer are heavily regulated. Members must make reasonable efforts to understand and comply with all applicable legal requirements imposed on their operations by federal, state and local authorities.
  2. Members must not willfully violate or disregard the requirements of the law. A pattern of repeated violations may demonstrate willfulness.

Respect for the Individual and Groups

  1. Everyone deserves to operate and co-exist in an environment where each individual is treated with dignity and respect.
  2. OCBA is an organization committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and from abusive, offensive or harassing behavior.
  3. Therefore, all OCBA members must:
    1. Treat all individuals and groups respectfully, recognizing their human dignity, regardless of their diverse human characteristics: race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin or veteran status.
    2. Contribute to a positive environment that is free of hostile and offensive behaviors; i.e., free from harassment. Harassment means any unwelcome and inappropriate verbal or physical conduct or coercive behavior, where the behavior is known or reasonably ought to be recognized as unwanted or unwelcome.
    3. Speak out without fear of retaliation when the actions of others violate the rights of any individuals or groups.
    4. Respect the opinions of others and address conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.
    5. Respect other’s privacy in their personal lives.
    6. Treat all individuals and groups professionally and respect their personal property.

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

  1. As brewers and members of the community of brewing enthusiasts, members may share and enjoy alcohol beverages at OCBA events.
  2. In consuming alcohol beverages, members must adhere to principles of responsible consumption.
  3. Members must protect the image of both OCBA and the brewing industry generally by taking steps to ensure no member, including themselves, will break any laws in the process of purchase, sharing or consuming of alcohol beverages in association with OCBA events.
  4. Should members consume more than a reasonable amount of alcohol and either are or appear to be incapable of functioning, either legally or appropriately, OCBA members accept their duty-to-act to keep those impaired members from breaking any laws and from harming themselves or others.

Responsible Alcohol Marketing

  1. Members must adhere to Brewers Association (BA) Marketing and Advertising Code, available at https://www.brewersassociation.org/brewers-association-advertising-marketing-code/
  2. No product that violates the BA Marketing and Advertising Code may carry the Ohio Craft Beer logo or any other branding imagery or language created by OCBA.
  3. Members must encourage the safe consumption of alcohol beverage products and refrain from sales and marketing practices that encourage the unsafe consumption of brewer products or consumption by persons below the legal drinking age.

OCBA Member Pledge of Conduct

  1. We will behave in a professional manner and will respect the reputation of the brewing industry and the other organizations with which we interact.
  2. We will seek to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and in all cases will not willfully violate the law.
  3. We will respect the human dignity of all individuals and groups we interact with, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin or veteran status.
  4. We will promote lawful cooperation within the craft brewing industry in which we work, and between members, customers, and suppliers.
  5. We will respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about OCBA business, such as information shared at the annual members meeting.
  6. We will act at all times in accordance with ethical standards and in the best interest of the brewing industry.


Conduct Complaints

The Ohio Craft Brewers Association is 501(c)(6) trade organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, diversify and unify the Ohio craft brewing industry. We are not an enforcement agency. If there are laws being broken, those instances should be reported to the appropriate authorities (local police department, Ohio Division of Liquor Control, EEOC, etc.)

However, membership in the OCBA and participation in our organizational marketing efforts and events can be viewed as an implied endorsement of member breweries and businesses. We reserve the right to suspend, revoke or refuse membership to businesses that don’t align with our mission and abide by our Code of Conduct.

In the event that a member is found to have contravened OCBA bylaws or our Code of Conduct, the Board of Directors has approved and enacted a set of due process standards governing the suspension or expulsion of a member. OCBA has gone to great lengths to ensure that the process we use to address those incidents is formalized, uniform, thorough and fair. Submitted complaints concerning OCBA members, as well as any proceedings undertaken pursuant to these standards, shall be kept confidential.

Incidents of member behavior that contradict OCBA bylaws or Code of Conduct are all taken seriously and investigated in accordance with OCBA bylaws and due process standards. Our guiding principles, requirements for membership and expectations for conduct are clearly defined and readily available to members. It is our hope that by establishing these guidelines and the mechanism to enforce them, that we can encourage breweries to foster inclusive environments within the industry for people to work and gather.


When filing a complaint, please recognize that the Ohio Craft Brewers Association will share the information it contains with our review committee. If the committee finds that further investigation is necessary, the information will be shared with the OCBA member(s) that are the subject of the complaint.

If, in the judgment of the OCBA, the nature of the complaint warrants disclosure of the complainant’s identity, OCBA will not proceed without the complainant’s authorization to share their identity with the subject of the complaint.

  • Your identity will be kept confidential unless you authorize OCBA to reveal it. However, we cannot review or investigate anonymous submissions.
  • OCBA requires either a phone number or email address to follow up on your submission.
  • Please reference the OCBA Code of Conduct above when explaining the conduct at issue.
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