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Photo courtesy The Dayton Beer Company
Photo courtesy The Dayton Beer Company
Drink a Winner

Putting beer in front of qualified judges is a great way for a brewery to get feedback from impartial sources, which helps the brewer refine recipes and processes to ensure high quality beer. We’ve devoted a lot of column inches over the years to the results from large national competitions like the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup – both organized by the Brewers Association – as a way to show how Ohio beer stacks up against the rest of the country and the world. But how does Ohio beer stack up against Ohio beer?

That’s where the Ohio Craft Brewers Cup comes in. Organized by the Dayton Beer Company, the competition has crowned winners in specific beer categories and bestowed best in show honors to Ohio-brewed beers since 2018. Now for its fifth year, the public can get in on the fun for the first time. The Dayton Beer Company will host a tasting event featuring beers submitted to the competition this Saturday, October 15 at their downtown Dayton brewery campus. While the results of the competition are being announced live, attendees at the event can sample 20 beers and take home a souvenir tasting glass.

Get tickets for this Saturday’s event and find out more about the annual competition at ohiocraftbrewerscup.com

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