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Warped Wing Ermal's Hefeweizen cans
Ermal’s New Look

Warped Wing Brewing has used their Ermal’s brand – named for the Dayton-based inventor of the pop-top can, Ermal Fraze – as a showcase for many fun flavors over the years. Originally brewed as a light-drinking, Belgian-influenced cream ale, some of the Ermal’s variants became Warped Wing fan favorites, like Blueberry Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange Creamsicle.

This week, Ermal’s getting a full makeover as Warped Wing has reimagined their early flagship Belgian cream ale as a German-style wheat beer. This hop over the style border is made possible by the use of traditional hefeweizen yeast, which imparts flavors and aromas of banana and clove, a welcome addition to the fruit palette that Ermal’s has used to such great effect over the years.

Look for cans of Ermal’s Hefeweizen to appear on store shelves in Dayton and beyond starting next week. For more info, head over to facebook.com/warpedwing

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