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Friday Six Pack with Abby Chandler, Paladin Brewing

Every Friday, we ask an Ohio craft brewery owner or employee to answer six questions about their path to the brewing industry, what sets their brewery apart and their thoughts on craft beer in Ohio.

Today we’ll chat with Abby Chandler of Paladin Brewing in Austintown.


What made you decide to get into the craft brewing industry?

A trip to Colorado in 2009 made us realize how many styles of beers existed but were not available in Ohio. John (Chandler, Paladin owner/brewer and Abby’s husband) loved the IPAs that had “depth of flavor,” which is a goal for us in all our beers. I remember being amazed by the sweeter beers, malty was something I didn’t know existed before that.


Which of your beers do your customers enjoy the most and why?

In the summer, I would say our Dreamsicle. It’s a great refreshing beer with some sweetness and lots of nostalgia. Holy Knight, our apple pie brown, is definitely my go to winter beer. We will even be selling it during our Christmas in July event.


What’s your favorite thing about your brewery?

The customers. We have a great group of people that come on a regular basis and have become like family.


Brewers are such a tight-knit community: can you share any stories of a time where another brewery helped you out in a pinch (or vice versa)?

First I will say that Biker Brewhouse, being our closest neighbors, are always the first for us to call in a pinch. The only time I can think of that we needed anything we were in the process of bottling beer and realized that we would not have enough bottle caps. Not only did Larry give us what he had he also delivered them so we could keep the line moving!

Penguin City let us use their canning line whenever we needed it the entire time it was stored at our facility. They have now taken it to their own location and we received our own today, but are so grateful that we had access to that for as long as we did.

I have to take this opportunity to brag about my husband as well. He is always so ready to help other breweries. We have brewed for Numbers while they expanded their capacity and of course Penguin City for their first four years. He loves when other brewers call to bounce ideas off him and discuss concerns. The team feel that these other breweries create in this area is absolutely amazing.


Besides your own, what Ohio craft breweries impress you the most and why?

Ira (Gerhart) from Noble Creature. They have really mastered the sour beers, something we don’t even begin to try!


Where do you think craft beer is headed? What do you think craft beer will look like five years from now?

I think craft brewing still has room to grow in this area. We have a wonderful group of breweries around here and I see all of our companies continue to improve our operations and hopefully expand our reach.

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