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Friday Six Pack with Chad Riffle, Hoppy Dude Brews

Every Friday, we ask an Ohio craft brewery owner or employee to answer six questions about their path to the brewing industry, what sets their brewery apart and their thoughts on craft beer in Ohio.

Today we’ll chat with Chad Riffle, owner and head brewer at Hoppy Dude Brews in Hinckley.


What made you decide to get into the craft brewing industry?

I always wanted to brew beer but didn’t have the means. For Christmas my wife bought me a home brew kit. My partner got a kit also and we started brewing beer. We had tastings which were successful so we decided to take the next step.


Hinckley is one of the smallest communities in Ohio with a brewery in its borders. What made you choose Hinckley and what has the response from the local community been like so far?

Truly, the reason for picking Hinckley was for two reasons… lease cost is extremely cheap and I personally live here. We had canvassed the area and surrounding areas and it showed there was support for (a brewery).


Is there a piece of advice you wish you’d received during the start-up phase of the brewery?

Finding the right supplier to get both quality items at the cheapest cost. It has come into big focus for us right now with a rise in costs for everything.


What’s your favorite thing about your brewery?

My favorite thing about our brewery is our customers. They are so much fun and make everyone feel welcome who come in the door. We have a saying….come in as a customer, leave as a friend.


Besides your own, what Ohio craft beers or breweries impress you the most and why?

Broadview Brewing has a beer, In The Fluff, a marshmallow porter, that is amazing. Catawba Island Brewing Company has a beer, Hot Blonde, which is amazing also.


Where do you think craft beer is headed? What do you think craft beer will look like five years from now?

Craft beer is no longer the “New Thing.” Breweries are popping up all over the place and will continue to do so because people love craft beer. I think saturation will become a problem and those that have good beer and beer options will survive. A customer comes because they heard about you from others or saw posts about your brewery. Getting a customer in the door is the hardest thing to do, but a repeat customer comes because they personally like more than one beer you have on tap and they like the atmosphere and staff you have behind the bar.

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