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Friday Six Pack with Kevin Moreland, Fretboard Brewing Company

Every Friday, we ask an Ohio craft brewery owner or employee to answer six questions about their path to the brewing industry, what sets their brewery apart and their thoughts on craft beer in Ohio.

Today we’ll chat with Kevin Moreland, COO, partner and head of brewing operations at Fretboard Brewing Company in Blue Ash.


What made you decide to get into the craft brewing industry?

My love of beer and the rich history of Cincinnati brewing heritage, as well as being a passionate home brewer where I grew to know Dan Listermann of Listermann Home Brew Supply. Me and Dan helped grow the Listermann brand in the early 2000’s: me as the head brewer and Dan & Sue Listermann as the owners. I helped Dan launch the Triple Digit brand with brands like Chickow!! I continued my journey with helping to launch brands like Wiedemann, Taft’s Ale House and Taft’s Brewpourium.


Which of your beers do your customers enjoy the most and why?

Vlad Pilsner…. Because it’s a bad ass beer and I think it stands out due to a growing popularity of great local lagers. There has been years of trial and error when it comes to perfecting this recipe through process and ingredients.


What should a craft beer fan expect when visiting your brewery for the first time?

World class lagers and IPAs along with live music. And a kick ass taproom team that shows their passion for the Fretboard brand.


Music is a big part of your brewery’s identity. If Fretboard were a band, what would you play?

I would either be lead guitar or the front man… I love to be creative. I don’t currently play any instruments, in fact I am the only partner that doesn’t play a instrument. I really wish I could play the guitar.


Besides your own, what Ohio craft breweries impress you the most and why?

Fat Head’s and Great Lakes. Both have quality product and have helped grow the Ohio segment. We got the opportunity to brew a collab this past year with Matt Cole from Fat Head’s. Me and Matt share the same love for styles of beer and our commitment to quality.


Where do you think craft beer is headed? What do you think craft beer will look like five years from now?

The segment is here to stay. Just like the beer industry as a whole things change we all have to adapt and keep innovating. But I also believe in hyper local and great quality can keep a brand alive.

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