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Funk in Public

Brewers go to extreme lengths to prevent bacteria and other biological organisms from getting into their beer and causing unwanted off-flavors. However, beer wouldn’t be beer without yeast, a very helpful microorganism that feasts on sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Over the course of centuries of brewing, a few other single-celled organisms were found to produce pleasing characteristics in beer, like tartness, acidity, earthiness and “funk.”

This Sunday, the Butcher & the Brewer in downtown Cleveland will team up with more than a dozen other Ohio craft breweries to celebrate the positive contributions of microorganisms in beer and food. Funk It Up features a wide array of sours, saisons, goses and other funky libations from around the state, paired with a selection of pickled and fermented vegetables, sourdough bread and more. VIP ticket holders will also receive a private meat, cheese and beer pairing led by the butcher and the brewer (the actual people) as well as the brewery’s chef and cheese monger.

For full event details and to get your tickets, head over to facebook.com/butcherandthebrewer

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