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Left: Can of Hank Ice Cold American Beer from Lock 27 Brewing. Right: Pouring a pint of Hank at Lock 27's Dayton taproom.
Images courtesy Lock 27 Brewing
Hanks for the Memories 

Here and now in the golden age of American beer, there’s literally a brew for every occasion and every taste. Sometimes, that taste is for a golden American beer. Sometimes, that occasion is anytime.

Lock 27 Brewing‘s next beer to market isn’t experimental. It isn’t pushing boundaries. It isn’t defying characterization. As the brewery describes it, “it’s just beer.” Ice cold American beer.

Hank has become a draft mainstay at Lock 27’s locations in Dayton and Centerville, an easy drinking, balanced, golden American ale; a beer for people who like beer. Starting next week, people who like beer will find six packs of Hank around the Miami Valley at an attractive $8.99 price point.

Lock 27 will hold a Hank launch party on Tuesday, April 11 in conjunction with the Dayton Dragons home opener happening next door to the brewery taproom at Day Air Ballpark. After all, baseball and ice cold beer are as American as… well, that might actually be the most American thing.

Find out more about Lock 27’s Hank at instagram.com/hank_americanbeer

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