Kitchen Manager

Carillon Brewing Co. is unique craft brewery, owned and operated by Dayton History, that specializes in historic beer production and features traditional German American fare. The core of Dayton History’s mission is to educate and preserve. As a part of Dayton History, Carillon Brewing Co.’s primary goal is to both immerse our guests in a welcoming, entertaining, historic, and educational experience while simultaneously generating profit for the park. The Kitchen manager will thus help to develop measures that effect optimal operational efficiencies designed to generate the highest return on investment.

A) Basic Function:

This position exists to provide leadership, direction, vision and operations management for Carillon Park’s Brewery Restaurant, Brewery Rentals, internal and/or external park functions, and brewery centric beverage and food stations throughout Dayton History.

B) Qualification Requirements:

  • AAS in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management
  • Instructor’s endorsement or 3 to 5 years’ experience
  • General POS knowledge
  • General proficiency with MS Office
  • Skill in scheduling for optimal guest service and restaurant efficiency
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Capable skill in inventory management
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Effective stress management and conflict resolution skills

C) General Responsibilities:

  • Management of all employed kitchen staff at Carillon Brewing Co., including hiring training, developing,                directing, disciplining, and working with HR and brewery leadership.
  • Restaurant operations, co-ordination with event planning for Beer Hall and all other associated events.
  • Assuring an exceptional guest experience for all patrons of Carillon Brewing Company, Dayton History, and            all the associated events/services provided by them and their properties.

D) Position Responsibilities:

  • Enforce standard sanitary practices for food handling and storage
  • Enforce sanitary and cleanliness standards for the kitchen, refrigeration, and food prep areas, keep team                current with ServSafe
  • Maintain professional restaurant image, including proper uniform for kitchen staff
  • Maintain an accurate food inventory working with Dayton History’s accounting department.
  • Develop and maintain a proper food and supply purchasing schedule, accounting for seasonal fluctuations.
  • Maintain an ongoing and appropriate plan for restaurant staffing needs; ensure that the restaurants and                  bars are properly staffed for all shifts.
  • Develop staff through positive and constructive feedback
  • Work with front of house to develop an effective set of policies/procedures for food and beverage cohesion,            rental activities, and overall service guidelines
  • Be budget conscious, acting when necessary, to account for variance
  • Cross check payroll with other brewery leadership to ensure accuracy before submission to Dayton History            Accounting.

E) Line of Communication and Accountability:

This position reports to the Director of Food and Beverage Operations and is a daily face of Carillon Brewing         Co. and Dayton History to guests and the general public.

F) Physical Requirements of the Job:

This position requires the ability to be on one’s feet for 10 plus hours at a time.

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