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Position: Driver and Sales Support (Non DOT/CDL)

Position Type: Part Time

Department: Distribution / Sales
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Esoteric Culture: Esoteric Brewing culture is built on 7 core values where the purpose is to empower its members to do exceptional work and service for themselves, their colleagues and the community. The culture is designed to put our people first. We strive to give our people the best opportunity to succeed, not only in their careers, but in their personal lives outside of work. The environment which we look to achieve should be all encompassing. The core values in how we create that environment are as follows;

  • Champion Diversity
  • Forge of Community
  • Brew with Integrity
  • Local Impact
  • Inspired Service
  • Humble Craftsmanship
  • Fuel of Tradition

Job Overview: Drivers are solely responsible for providing direct service to outside customers. They are the face of the company to those accounts, therefore they are the main facilitators in providing quality product in a timely manner while also meeting those customer’s needs.

The Sales Support role is responsible for aiding the sales force via direct customer relationship management, as well as merchandising and back of the house duties.

The Driver/Sales Support role will have a variety of duties which should be executed at the highest level of standards, integrity and attention to detail. They also represent how we live our core values.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Be an Esoteric Brewing ambassador, embodying the purpose, vision and values at all times
  • Be a Walnut Hills ambassador, treating our patrons, teammates and community with love and respect
  • Be accountable at all times for personal safety as well as the safety of those around them
  • Be an expert on all processes and products
  • Have a desire to be a student and a teacher of the culture and to lead by example
  • Have a desire to constantly grow personally and with the business
  • Maintain a high level of initiative, independence, and productivity
  • Have a desire to do extracurricular projects outside of the daily operations
  • Be innovative, passionate and proud about the work being performed
  • Be flexible and dynamic with work schedule and timing of shifts as workload requires
  • Be the main logistical coordinator for delivery of product from brewery to account
  • Support the sales team’s operations by executing functions in accordance to Esoteric standards and account expectations
  • Occasionally assist the sales team with outside events, including setup/tear down, pouring beer and representing the company

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Have a valid driver’s license with a safe driving record and comfort operating a mid-sized van and/or box truck
  • Be able to handle product generally weighing 20-165 pounds
  • Be able to bend, stoop, carry, lift, sit and walk as well as be able to load and unload their vehicle

Skills & Abilities:

  • Attention to detail, ability to work unsupervised while maintaining safety and quality standards
  • Comfort with multitasking and maintaining efficiency and productivity
  • Time management in order to keep track of delivery windows and stay on schedule
  • Organizational skills necessary to plan an optimized delivery route
  • Be able to communicate with manager and support staff, regardless of department or shift
  • Be able to handle machinery to fulfill orders such as a fork truck or pallet jack
  • Be able to work with distribution software, routing software, GPS/Location Services, and inventory management software
  • Have good identification skills for servicing an account including merchandising, signage placement, networking and troubleshooting problems
  • Organizational skills necessary to manage a database, run reports and generate leads

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