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Job Description: ­ Cellarman

Reports To: Head Brewer

Description Summary:

The Cellarman is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing fermentation and conditioning tanks, as well as transferring beer from tank to tank, ensuring the beer is transferred slowly and in an aseptic manner. The Cellarman is also responsible for monitoring the fermentation of beer, the cooling of fermenting and conditioning beer, and carbonating beer to the correct level. The Cellarman also cleans and sanitizes product lines and other equipment as well as the general working environment in the cellar.

Other duties of the Cellarman include cleaning the floors, outsides of tanks, miscellaneous parts, floor drains, filtration equipment, brewer’s office work area, cellar racks, and containers. In addition, the Cellarman is also responsible for checking dissolved oxygen of the beer, and any other task in the cellar that is deemed necessary.

The Cellarman should expect to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, up to 12 hours per day if necessary depending on the production schedule. The Cellarman is an hourly, at-­will employee supervised by the Head Brewer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Come in prepared to work. Understand the day’s objective by communicating with the other cellar staff if present.
  • Proper personal protective equipment is required to be worn during the entire shift.
  • Double check the volume of CO2 in the morning before the start of the run and adjust accordingly.
  • Run fresh sanitizer through the hard lines and prepare beer for packaging.
  • Coordinate with the packaging crew and release beer to packaging when ready.
  • CIP transfer lines and transfer any beers that are scheduled and ready to the appropriate conditioning tank.
  • Clean all tanks that are empty, dirty, and need to be cleaned.
  • Complete fermentation checks.
  • Pull yeast, if needed, or required during the week
  • Primary focus should be to safely make beer and provide a safe working environment which allows us to work cleanly and produce great beer in an environment with minimal stress.
  • Assist in the cleaning of the cellar areas and the washing of equipment, floors and tools to comply with company and government sanitation standards.

Other Requirements:

  • Follow all SOPs and safety protocols.
  • Make observations of efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  • Make recommendations for equipment and processes with formal reports or an email.
  • Contribute to improvements and processes required to gain efficiency and quality assurance in the cellar department.
  • Contribute to the evolution of the cellar department.
  • Complete special projects assigned by supervisors.
  • Continue working in the cellar department to learn and improve the current cellar program.
  • Participate in general cleaning
  • Remain calm, flexible, and able to work through setbacks and emergencies.
  • Experienced in simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities in a hectic and fast­ paced work environment.
  • Ability to know when to ask for help from the Head Brewer if help is needed to prevent mistakes and ultimately get the job done.
  • Able to work through challenges by setting a professional and upbeat example.
  • Writing and math skills necessary to accurately complete dilution calculations, volume, flow, density, weight, length, pressure and other unit conversions, calculate beer volumes/losses, and alcohol content.
  • Consistently read and write orders and draft emails. Ability to complete forms.
  • Communicate clearly with co-workers and managers, verbally and written.
  • Frequent problem solving.

Physical Requirements:

  • Consistently lift and carry 10 pounds and occasionally lift and carry 70 pounds to chest height.
  • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, kneeling and reaching.
  • Must be able to stand for the entire shift, up to ten hours.
  • Consistently able to use repetitive hand and wrist motion.
  • Work with hot, cold and hazardous equipment and materials.
  • Climb stairs several times a day.
  • Frequent washing of hands.

To apply for this job email your resume, references, contact information, etc to jobs@hoppinfrog.com

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