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Outerbelt Brewery is seeking a full time Cellar Person.
Working directly under the Head Brewer daily tasks will include:

  • Monitoring fermentations and following fermentation schedules
  • Yeast management (Pitching, Harvesting)
  • Operating canner/keg filler
  • Transferring/Filtering Beer
  • Brewing preparations (milling, cleaning)
  • Occasional brewing of beers and cider
  • CIP & COP operations on cold side
  • General tasks as required such as inventory counts, warehouse cleaning, keg washing and staging orders for distribution.

Candidates should possess knowledge of raw materials, the brewing process, cellaring and packaging operations, and beer quality. Either a formal brewing-related education or a minimum of one-year practical experience in a production brewery is preferred. Must be able to lift a minimum of 55lbs repeatedly, move 165lbs, have a good work ethic, a good attitude, and a passion for craft beer.

Pay is negotiable based on experience

Please submit a resume and a cover letter to dominic@outerbeltbrewing.com

To apply for this job email your resume, references, contact information, etc to dominic@outerbeltbrewing.com

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