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Moving Sideways to Step Up

Upside Brewing is one of Ohio’s smallest craft breweries, with owners Melissa and Nick Dallas turning out beer batches a barrel at a time. The brewery operates out of the back and the basement of the family’s 50 year-old pizza shop, J&G Pizza Palace, a neighborhood staple with a cozy dining room and a bustling takeout business. As more and more people seek out Upside’s beer, it’s become very tight quarters at the shop: a very popular DORA district in downtown Sylvania helped to alleviate some congestion in the dining room in the warmer months, but only increased the demand for beer.

Now, after five years in business, Upside is getting a proper taproom of its own, right next door to the original location. With the additional space, the brewery can offer more beer and its own experience for visitors, separate from the estimable pizza joint. Longtime fans of J&G – this northwest Ohio native author included – needn’t worry about any changes to their beloved Pizza Palace: the only change to the original space in the current plan is to add a door to the taproom on the other side of the wall.

No timetable for the opening of the new taproom has been announced yet, but craft beer fans in the Toledo area can look forward to Upside’s next phase soon. For more details, head over to facebook.com/upsidebrewing

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