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Noble Creature Pool of Shadows black IPA and Hecuba breakfast stout in cans.
Photo courtesy Noble Creature Wild Ales & Lagers
Noble and Novel

Not to get into the weeds on marketing – we know that’s probably not why you’re here – but one of the most important things a business can do is to make sure their brand is truly reflective of who they are. A brand is more than a logo, of course: it’s the full customer experience that’s reflective of the company’s vision and core values. Every once in a while, it’s a best practice to analyze your own brand, make sure it aligns with how customers see you (and how you want to be seen) and refine it to enhance your identity.

Case in point: Noble Creature owner/brewer Ira Gerhart has been making extraordinary wild ales and lagers at his brewery in Youngstown since their inception in 2017, which prompted a recent subtle rebrand to emphasize their passion for their specialty beers. What was born as Noble Creature Cask House now carries a name that trumpets their forte: Noble Creature Wild Ales and Lagers.

“We just felt that ‘Cask House’ was a bit misleading. We love English cask beers, which we did have [on from] time to time, but the cask for us was meant more for our barrel program, which were also called casks,” Gerhart told Jason Jugenheimer of Northeast Ohio Craft Brewery News last week.

Rest assured, a new name doesn’t mean Gerhart is going to limit himself. While Noble Creature will continue to feature spontaneously fermented beers and innovative lagers, the brewery is still offering a wide variety of beer styles. This week, they’re releasing their first canned beers after a long pause: Pool of Shadows dry hopped black lager and Hecuba breakfast stout with cacao nibs, chocolate and espresso. Both are available at the historic church-turned-brewpub in Youngstown while supplies last.

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