Limited edition art glasses available at participating breweries Tuesday, Oct. 27

Ohio Pint Day is a fundraiser that directly supports the mission of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association: to promote, preserve and unify Ohio’s craft brewing industry.

Ohio Pint Day will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 at more than 100 participating breweries across the state. Craft beer enthusiasts are invited to purchase a limited-edition collectible pint glass available exclusively at the participating brewery taprooms.

In partnership with OCBA member breweries and Boelter Beverage, $1 from every glass will be donated to the OCBA.

We commissioned artist Adam Hernandez to design the inaugural Ohio Pint Day glass around the theme #InThisTogetherOhio. Here’s his statement about the design:

In my work, I often reference mythology and borrow themes and imagery from ancient hieroglyphics. For this piece, I chose to depict Ohio’s state bird, the cardinal, as a phoenix. The phoenix is a powerful creature that represents transformation and rebirth. This year 2020 has brought to light many ugly issues that we need to address and change as a nation. I believe that these changes can start in our personal lives. My goal is that when the community sees the Cardinal Phoenix they will be challenged to look inward and see how they too can be transformed. It has multiple sets of eyes because I believe that when we are transformed into better versions of ourselves, we gain the ability to see what is happening in our world here and now, and also deeper, with foresight and power to move confidently into the future. My hope is that everyone who receives these glasses are empowered by its presence and encouraged to grow and better themselves and their community.

We chose the 16 oz. can glass both because of its large print area to showcase this gorgeous artwork and because a can shape seemed appropriate for 2020 with so many breweries forced to pivot to packaging due to the pandemic.

Ohio On Tap brewery passport app users will also be able to collect a bonus stamp by purchasing the glass. Users will be able to submit manual stamp request selfies with their glass from Oct. 27 through Nov. 1 to receive the stamp.