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Mockups of the Ohio Pint Day 2023 can glass
Pro Tips for Pint Day 

Today’s the day! Ohio Pint Day glasses are available at breweries all over the state starting today, Tuesday, Sept. 26. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make sure you end up with one of this year’s collectible pint glasses:

  1. Glasses are only available at participating breweries. Luckily, there are more than 180 of them! See the full list (and a map) at ohiocraftbeer.org/ohiopintday
  2. Every brewery will have a slightly different promotion. Check with the breweries near you to see how they’re offering them (free with a fill, sold separately, etc.)
  3. Some participating breweries aren’t normally open on Tuesdays. Check with your favorite brewery to see if they’re opening today or if they’ll offer the glasses later this week.
  4. Ohio Pint Day glasses sell out *fast*. Many breweries will run out today, some within hours of making them available. Make sure you know when your favorite brewery is releasing their glasses.
  5. Get a glass and earn a bonus Ohio On Tap passport stamp. App users can submit a manual stamp request with a selfie photo of them and their glass. Follow the instructions here to request the bonus stamp.

Happy hunting! Thanks for supporting Ohio’s small and independent breweries!

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