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Left: Fat Head's Oktoberfest can. Right: Wolf's Ridge Septemberfest can.
Photos courtesy Fat Head's Brewery and Wolf's Ridge Brewing.
Right on Time

When Oktoberfest beers start coming out in late July, there are inevitably two reactions:

  1. “Um, it’s too early for Oktoberfest… it’s not October yet.”
  2. “I would drink malty lagers all year long if you’d let me.”

This article is for the people in the second group. Fat Head’s recently unveiled their revamped Oktoberfest, a lighter, golden festbier that’s closer to what you’d be served in Munich at the Wiesn. This new beer takes a step away from the brewery’s annual G’Suffa lager, which is a touch darker and straddling the line between a festbier and a Märzen (the beer most Americans envision when they order an Oktoberfest from their local independent brewery.)

Another lighter festbier style that hit Ohio store shelves this July is Wolf’s Ridge Brewing‘s Septemberfest, the golden cousin of their amber Oktoberfest lager, which is scheduled for its own release next month.

Malts and Malts and Malts

If a nationwide heatwave isn’t enough to dissuade you from drinking a malty amber lager, several Ohio breweries have got your needs covered. Hundreds more Märzen-style Oktoberfests will be hitting the taps at breweries around the Buckeye State in August and September, but these breweries are ready to quench your malt thirst right now in mid-July:

Left: West Side Brewing Oktoberfest in glass. Right: Grainworks Oktoberfest in glass and cans.
Photos courtesy West Side Brewing and Grainworks Brewing Company.
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