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Narrow Path Brewing's Brambleberry Garcia oud bruin in glass.
Photo courtesy Narrow Path Brewing
Something Oud, Something New

You’re not going to find many Oud Bruin beers on tap, even at adventurous breweries and beer bars. Also known as a Flanders brown ale, the Oud Bruin – Dutch for “old brown” – is a difficult style to master due to the microorganism cultures that develop the beer’s signature sourness and the extended time the ale requires to mature. A well-executed Oud Bruin is a thing of beauty: robust and malty with intense flavors of dark fruit, offset by a firm but not bracing tartness.

If that just set your palate aflutter with anticipation, look no further than Narrow Path Brewing in Loveland and The Common Beer Company in Mason. The two southwest Ohio breweries collaborated on an Oud Bruin they named Brambleberry Garcia, taking a Belgian-inspired dark strong ale and amplifying it with a generous addition of blackberries. It was then introduced to souring cultures and allowed to age for a considerable length of time before being deemed ready to share.

Enjoy a pour of Brambleberry Garcia at Narrow Path or The Common while you can, because who knows when you’ll come across another Oud Bruin again. Find out more at facebook.com/narrowpathbrewing


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