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State Line Brewer's Guild Schooner Day glass
Photo courtesy State Line Brewers Guild
State Line Schooner Day

Over the past few years, coordinated glassware promotions have proven to be an effective way to draw customers into brewery taprooms across a state or region. Our own Ohio Pint Day – returning for its fourth year in September 2023 – regularly involves more than 100 breweries around the state, distributing close to 15,000 collectible pint glasses annually. Ohio Pint Day is a fundraiser for the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, but it’s also an effective revenue generator for the breweries participating in the collective marketing effort.

The State Line Brewers Guild, a non-profit association of seven Ohio breweries and three more across the border in Pennsylvania, is organizing its first glassware promotion this weekend. Pop into one of the 10 participating breweries this Sunday, Jan. 22 for Schooner Day and take home an elegant,  metallic gold printed, 21 oz. schooner glass. Each brewery will have 44 glasses available (limit one per person) for $15 each, including a first fill of beer.

Breweries on the Ohio side of the state line offering glasses are:

For more details, visit statelinebrewersguild.com

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