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Crooked Pecker Brewing Co. Midnight Black stout in cans topped with ribbon and surrounded by holiday lights.
Photo provided by Crooked Pecker Brewing Co.
The Longest Night

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Dec. 21, 2022 is the shortest day and longest night of the year. While we can look forward to later and later sunsets for the next six months, the winter solstice also means that we’re in for a few months of blustery conditions and frigid temperatures. For craft beer lovers, that means it’s time to stock our cellars with strong, dark brews to get us through another Ohio winter.

With a release timed to coincide with the winter solstice, Crooked Pecker Brewing Company has just the right beer to meet the needs of the season. Midnight Black is an imperial milk stout made with roasted coffee beans from Heartwood Coffee in Chagrin Falls. Clocking in at a powerful 12% ABV, Midnight Black gives strong coffee and rich chocolate notes bursting though a smooth, thick, velvety body.

Enjoy a pour of Midnight Black at the Crooked Pecker Brewing taproom in Chagrin Falls and take home a four pack starting today at 3 p.m., just two hours before sunset. Don’t drag your feet: you’re going to want these cans in your cellar before this weekend’s winter storm. To stay in the loop on all of the brewery’s upcoming releases, sign up for their email newsletter at crookedpeckerbrewing.com

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