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Left: Findlay Brewing Company's Great Karg oatmeal stout in branded glass. Right: A map of northwest Ohio oil and gas fields.
Well… It’s Findlay History 

We love it when a brewery pays tribute to its local history for a couple of reasons. First, it deepens the connection between a brewery and the community it calls home. Second, it gives us a chance to dig in on some fantastic Ohio trivia and learn more about our state and its citizens.

Findlay Brewing Company‘s newest draft release is Great Karg, a 5.6% ABV oatmeal stout that takes its name from the Great Karg natural gas well. When it was drilled on January 20, 1886, the Great Karg became the world’s largest natural gas well, ushering in an economic boom for the city where gas had been first discovered just over a year prior. Several months later, drillers would discover a significant oil field that would bring an influx of industrial investment to Findlay.

The city’s population quadrupled during the oil and gas boom, and Findlay remains the second largest city in northwest Ohio to this day (population 40,313). One could reasonably make the argument that if it weren’t for the population growth after the drilling of the Great Karg well, Findlay may not have grown into a city large enough to support three craft breweries some 137 years later.

The Ohio Oil Company, later known as Marathon Oil, moved its headquarters from Lima to Findlay in 1905 where it would stay until 1990. The company’s oil refining arm, Marathon Petroleum, was spun off in 2011 and remains headquartered in Findlay. More than 2,000 people are employed by Marathon Petroleum, some who undoubtedly will enjoy sipping on an homage to their industry and history at Findlay Brewing Company this month.

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