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Photo courtesy Land-Grant Brewing
Photo courtesy Land-Grant Brewing
What’s New With Aged Beer?

Last week, Pretentious Barrel House announced that they’ll soon be taking their beer in an exciting new direction. In addition to their already impressive array of barrel aged sour beers, the brewery has begun a program to expand into clean-fermented barrel aged lagers. We’ve seen a little of this from Pretentious in past collaborations they’ve done with other Ohio breweries, extending their demonstrated expertise with barrel aging to a different style of beer that appeals to another segment of the beer drinking population.

While the full barrel aged lager program is still a little further down the road, you can get a sip of the future today at the Pretentious taproom on the east side of Columbus, where two collaboration lagers made with Land-Grant Brewing are on tap now. Desert Spoon (yes, that’s spelled correctly) is a Czech-style pilsner aged in Sotol liquor barrels, a Mexican spirit made from the sotol plant, commonly referred to as the “desert spoon.” Noble Amalgamation takes the same Czech-style pilsner and gives it a 13-week rest in gin barrels to impart a crisp, floral bite to the smooth-drinking lager.

Find out more about Pretentious Barrel House’s plans for more barrel aged lagers at facebook.com/pretentiousbh

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