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With a Little Help From Our Friends

Non-profit state brewers guilds like the Ohio Craft Brewers Association exist to provide services and resources for small and independent breweries. In order to do so, we’re thrilled to engage with businesses that also want to see Ohio’s craft brewing industry grow and thrive. Thanks to the generous support of our allied member partners for fundraisers like Ohio Pint Day and the From the Heart collaboration beer, we’ve been able to continue our mission, even in these years of economic uncertainty.

After brainstorming fundraising ideas with other state guilds – big shout out to the Maine Brewers’ Guild for inspiration – OCBA did our first From the Heart collaboration beer in 2021. Thanks to generous ingredient donations from Crosby Hops, Origin Malt, the Country Malt Group and Great Western Malting, plus design and labeling donations from Lemon Grenade Creative and Blue Label Packaging, more than 80 Ohio breweries were able to take part in this statewide beer collaboration effort. This year, From the Heart raised more than $33,000 for OCBA programs and resources that directly benefit our member breweries. The collaboration has been such a great success that we’re already planning From the Heart: Volume 3 for spring/summer 2023. Sign up for our weekly email bulletin to find out when and where it’ll be available next year.

To find out more about From the Heart, as well as statewide beer collaborations benefitting brewers guilds in California, Maine, New Hampshire and Washington, head over to crosbyhops.com

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